How I Made Over 1 Million Naira in 7 Weeks Using my Last #60,000 in my Bank Account

I want to tell you exactly what I did to make over 1 Million Naira in 7 weeks when I was dead broke, but only has 60k in my bank account

When I made the 1 Million Naira, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

That was the first time my bank account received such amount of money


Out of excitement, I immediately picked my phone to announce to my mentor on WhatsApp that I have made it

 See my chat to my mentor below 

I want you to take your time and gradually read this letter.


This letter will show you and guide you on what to do, and how to start making at least #500,000 to #2,000,000 every month from your home, or your bedroom or even your kitchen without working for any body, plus you will still have enough time for your friends and family


The best means to expose this secrete to you is to tell you my story, then I will tell you how I did it and how you are going to be making a heavy amount of money of up to or more than #500k every month by simply following my step


Are You Ready for this?

 My Name is

Sabastine Onyinyechi


I am a Digital Business man, working from my home and making a comfortable amount of money on weekly basis


I also teach, coach and mentor people how to Success and make money online easily


I have mentored a lot of persons on how to make money online without much stress and they are all Happy and Glad


Today, it is your turn.

I will teach you for free


2018 when I finished my NYSC, I didn’t bother to start searching for job because I knew it would be a waste of time.


It’s unfortunate that till now, most of my set that passed out of NYSC are still searching for job. Too bad. I wish them good luck sha


But let's face reality, there is no work in Nigeria as of today, even the few ones available, the negative impact of Covid-19 has swipped them away


A lot of people are going to lose their job. So many Businesses are going to collapse


So what are you going to do so you won't be affected?


Take your time and read this because I am going to expose to you the business to do so you will never lack money in your life, no matter what happen.



The best decision I made was to learn digital business.

I learnt it and it is paying me and giving me comfortable life. Even with Covid-19 lockdown, I still make my money easily like nothing is happening


And that’s what I want to share and teach you right now.

How to make money without stress no matter the storm


  • By the time you finish reading this, you will learn how to MAKE MONEY ONLINE.


  • REAL and HUGE MONEY in your bank account every week

My friend and mentor Johnbosco called me on phone one day and told me about an opportunity to make money


Opportunity that I only have to invest #60,000 or More, then he will guide me on what to do to start making a lot of money


Even though the 60k to invest was my last card home and abroad, but because I trust Johnbosco, I had to bring out my last 60k to join him do the business  


He told me of a company he partner with

He said, this company has a lot of Helath products that treats different kind of health problems, and the product is working for people like miracle


Ranging from Every kind of

  • Eye problems
  • Diabetes & Blood Sugar Problems
  • Hypertension/High BP
  • Infertility/Fibroid
  • Sexual problem for men and women
  • Kidney, Liver and Organ problems
  • Ulcer & Stomach problems
  • Arthritis, Rheumatism, Back pain & Waist pain
  • Infections etc

And several other kind of health challenges


The PURE(People United Reaching Everyone) Network Company’s health product is approved by NAFDAC and Nigeria Medical Association

The company is a USA company that launched in Nigeria Recently  


He told me that I need also to join this company to sell their products to Thousands and Millions of people online to make a lot of profit from the sales


The company will reward and pay me heavily for every single product I sell plus the profit I make for selling their product


Apart from the profit I make from selling the company’s product, the higher the number of product I sell, the higher the amount of money the company pay me every week


At a point, the company will place me on weekly Salary, paying me huge amount of money weekly just because I’m registered with them and selling their product and telling people about their product


At some point, the company will sponsor me for free trips to Dubai, or and Canada, or and Paris all for free, just because I’m selling their products and telling more people about their products


At a point I will be given brand new car (Mercedeze Benz or BMW) just because I’m selling their products and telling more people about the company and the product


At a point, I will be going for trips with my Wife or Girl friend all sponsored by the company


These Can happen within 1 year or less than 2 years of registering with the company

You can decide to do the Network Marketing Part of the Business. We shall coach and mentor you. We are expert in it.


You can also decide to Sell the products part of it. We shall coach and mentor you. We are also expert in it


Yo Can decide to do the two. We shall teach you, we have mastered how to make things happen with it

Have it in mind that in few weeks to come, you will start milking money real big

Initially, I didn’t believe this...

but because Johnbosco is my friend, and I trust him, I had to take the risk and register with my last money #60k.


After all, I need a good and comfortable life and I want to be out of poverty and also lift my family out from poverty.


After the registration, he guide me on how to sell the product online to those that need it


I lean’t how to sell the product online sitting in my room, pressing my phone and laptop


The first 7 weeks of doing the business, my last #60,000 in my bank account that would finish in few days, brought me over #1 Million naira


So far, I have made a lot of money from selling the product, and the PURE company has been rewarding me for selling the products too


So far, some people we have put through, that followed exactly our procedure are doing well selling the products, some of them has qualified for the first set of trip to Dubai

That's good news.

A lot of people are comfortably happy for following the foot step of I and my mentor


 See our picture here 

We are in Dubai Desert when we went for free trip to Dubai

We are Going to Canada for Free Trip this Year

Laurel is one of those that Qualify for Canada Free Luxury Trip within 6 months of joining this business with #60,000

This Company shall give you Car Award

Moses is one of those that Qualified for Car Award within 1 year of joining this business with #165,000



I only need 50 persons to coach and mentor


I will guide those 50 persons and lead them through the step by step ways to make it big in this great opportunity


I had nothing, I only had #60,000 to start this business, see me today, within 6 months I was able to live comfortable, paid for a flat at one of the most expensive estate in my State


I will guide you and make sure I follow you up till you start succeeding just within few week


If you register with #60,000 or #165,000 or #320,000

I also will teach you e commerce and digital marketing for FREE

I will also teach you the best and the new way to network marketing to easily succeed


I will be indepted to you and make sure you boom and excel just like others. Trust me


This is why I only need 50 persons that I can handle and guide properly. I don’t need too many persons.


Just 50, I’m very certain that these 50 persons will be lucky because I guarantee each and everyone of you that if you follow me step by step,

do exactly what I show you, and join my WhatsApp group where I’m always available to show you the way to success through this business, you are going to start celebrating from next few weeks

All the processes and templates I followed to succeed, I will hand them over to you and guide you to also succeed


What you are going to do is COPY AND PASTE my style

You will copy exactly what I did to succeed and escape from poverty and do exactly the same thing under my guide and mentorship


It’s unfortunate that I only need 50 person that can register with #60,000 or more


After the 50 persons make their payment, I will close the door.

I can only handle 50 persons for now.



Make sure to be among them unless you are comfortable the level you are right now


You can never be comfortable now if you don't have a luxury car


You cannot be comfortable if you have not gone for trip to Canada or Dubai or Paris or London at least for once in your life


You can not be confortable if you don't make at least #200,000 every week


You cannot be comfortable if you don't live in a good and comfortable house with good security outfit


With just your #60,000 or more to get registered, I and my mentor will coach and mentor you to acheive all these in few months to come just like many of us did


  • You will join for free trips to 2 international countries in a year
  • You will Qualify for Luxury Car Awards
  • You will be receiving over #200,000 every weeks from the company


 A lot of us are already acheiving these successes

See proves of weekly bank alerts some of us are making below from this PURE Company

This is just weekly bonus. Not even profits from our product sell

There is no space here to add all the weekly bank alerts. They are too many

In few weeks and months from now, you will join to start receiving this kind of amount and incentives just for joining the company with #60k and following me and my mentor as we coach you


Once you join us, the company will give you product worth the amount you registered with. Then Our mentorship and Coaching will begin immediately


But I just need 50 persons.

Are you going to be among the 50?

I urge you to be among them


Unfortunately, probably by this time tomorrow or next tomorrow, the 25 persons will complete and I will shut the door and now focus on them

I'm sorry if you miss this opportunity. Now is the best time to join us


This is How We Are Going to Start

Note: You need to have a minimum of #60,000 to get registered with the company to start this life changing and poverty lifting business that I’m going to single handedly train and mentor you


  • If you have the 60k for this business, the next thing is to Download Zoom Cloud Meeting App to attend our zoom online presentation.

  • After downloading the app, the next thing is to join our online zoom meeting where we shall debunk and tell you more about the business


  • After the presentation, you make payment, and then we start in earnest. Count on me 


You will go to Google play store to download Zoom Cloud Meeting app 

I shall tell you the time for the online Zoom meeting on WhatsApp, but it's likely going to be by 8:00pm


  • After the zoom meeting, you will then understand the business model proper, you will now make the registration payment to the company's account with the #60,000 or more


  • After the Payment and Registration, you will receive a welcome email immediately, then we shall now start the mentorship.


I bet you, you are going to appreciate this movement. This is a movement to move out of poverty into financial abundance, I and my mentor has the key and the process to acheive that



Please, I'm not here to waste People's time, do not waste my time either

If you don't have the #60k or more to start this business, do not bother about it please


Please this is very important and it requires your seriousness


  • It’s not a business to joke with
  • It is not a Get Rich Quick Business
  • It is a business that we shall train you, Mentor you, and give you everything you need to succeed and follow you up till you succeed in few weeks to come
  • I'm alway available for you to Call, WhatsApp privately. In fact, I will pour my heart to guide you


We know and have the process of success for this business because we have done it.


I am talking about I and my mentor


We are available for you to ensure you succeed but remember, we need only 50 persons to carry along.


50 persons that has their minimum of 60k or more


The earlier you join us, the better for everyone because as soon as we have 50 persons registered, we shall shut the door


If you have your 60k and are ready to join, Fill the Form Below and Submit on WhatsApp.

Please you will need a good android phone and a laptop,

If you don't have, you can borrow from someone or buy belgium computer

Remember you will Download Zoom meeting app, that's where we shall debunk the Business model and how to succeed in it


In the Zoom meeting, we shall explain to you about the PURE Company's product and what it does, and how to make money through the company

Then after the Zoom meeting, I will personally guide, mentor, and lead you to success within few weeks. Good Luck

Watch This Video Below

If You Are Serious and Want to Do this with us, FILL THE FORM BELOW and Submit

When this countdown turns zero, this door will be closed. Take action Now


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