Dr Jason Fianally Exposed the 4 New Ways to Get Rid of Infection

Me, my Friends and Several people used the 4 new method Dr Jason exposed, to overcome our

  • Staphylococcus
  • Gonorrhea and Syphilis

Many people also used it to overcame their

  • Frequent urinations
  • Urinary pains
  • Painful defeacations 
  • Discharges from their private areas and from their baby milk
  • Pile
  • Infections
  • Scratches, Rashes and
  • Menstruation problem
  • Toilet infection
  • Kidney and Liver problem

I want to share with everyone reading this, what the Dr exposed on how to overcome infection, how to be free and live a healthy life.

But please try to read this to the end because you could get the solution you are looking for here.

 My Name is Basil

First, I want to thank God because I am free from infection now.

The reason for thanking God is because I never knew that I will one day be free from infection of Staphylococcus and Gonorrhea

I have used a lot of things that promised me good, but they didn’t work for me

I don’t want to tell much of my stories because it’s not good to hear, but the good news is that,

I did exactly what my US Dr friend told me to do, and my infection was over.

I was surprised. Now I am free and happy.

I don’t have infection anymore.

I really thank God for this because infection really dealt with me.

Those same thing my US Dr friend told me that help me conquer my infection is what I want to share here so that you too can do the same thing and stand on a higher chance of getting the solution too.

Before I share these 4 approaches my U S Dr friend shared with me on how to overcome infection of any kind,

I want to advice you…

If you really want to get the wonderful solution to the infection too, just as me, my friends and several persons did, please follow these same 4 approaches.

I have to always be honest with everyone

Even though that almost everyone that followed these same 4 approaches got a good result, what it means is that anyone who does not follow these 4 approaches may not get the result

So please, make sure to follow through so you can also be happy as well.

All we want is the happiness of everyone.

Many people who did what these 4 approaches advices them to do, got their freedom from infection.

They are happy. And they are free.

 Please watch this video below to listen to one of them

 More people are so happy for nice result after doing what the 4 approaches instructed them to do

 Now Here Are the 4 Wonderful approaches that my Dr Friend Shared on How to Get Rid of Infection

Please while following these 4 approaches, do not skip anyone of them because each of them contributes immensely to bringing the solution to the infection

Number 1


 One of the reasons why people with infection keep experiencing serious and severe pain is because of the kind of things they eat

We all know that bacteria, Fungi and Yeasts that causes infections and make it severe, live, grows and thrive well in sugary environment

What it means is that when someone that has infection always eats food that contains a lot of sugar like Snacks, Fast and Canned food, Preserved juice and Frozen food, they propels and activates the action of bacteria, yeasts and fungi in his system, thereby causing the infection to be severe.

What to do here is to stop always intake of sugary food or minimize the intake of sugary food

Number 2


Skin has pores which allows the penetration of breeze to the body and also allows the passing out of dangerous gases out of the body

When the skin is not taken care of and cleaned in the bath room regularly, the dirt it attracts blocks the skin pores which breeds bacteria and fungi that encourages infection

But when the skin is always neat, it impedes the growth of micro organisms which reduces the negative action of infection

Wearing a clean under wears is also one of the major ways to fight infection. When under wears are always clean, infection causing organism have no place in a clean environment. It controls infection




How often do you visit hospital for check up?

Maybe once in a month

Maybe once in 6 months

Maybe once in a year

Maybe you have never gone for check up

Not going for regular check up is not a good practice to live a life without infection because during check up the result shows the actual infection that has been the problem, which may be dangerous to health

You may receive guidance on how to manage it

Going for regular check up may help to know the cause and how to get rid of the infection


USE Cleanse

My U S Dr friend told me, DO NOT Joke with this number 4.

He was writing everything down to hand over to me, to make sure I do not forget, because he actually wanted to help me out of infection

He said again, DO NOT Forget to Use Cleanse because it produces a wonderful result.

He began to tell me what the Cleanse can do for my infection

He has been a professional Dr (Urologist) practicing for over 23 years, so he knows what to do to overcome infection.

He has help many people achieve that, and he helped me and my friends too.

What he told me that helped me out, are what I am about to share now.

He said…   

  • Using Cleanse will first of all cleanse the body system and detoxify it against unwanted impurities, bacteria, fungi, and yeast. 
  • Cleanse is an anti infection, it flushes the infection and help to return the body system fresh and new
  • Staphylococcus, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Menstruation pain, Painful urination and defeacations, Pile, Rashes and Scratches, kidneyand liver problems, toilet infection, and Discharges on the body and in the private areas and so many infection, do not continue to exist in any human system that uses Cleanse
  • This Cleanse is made in USA and contain Cascara sagrata which attacks any bacteria, fungi and yeast in the system that causes infection
  • This Cleanse also contains Dandelion root which help to alkalinize the body. Of course any bacteria, fungi and yeast that is found in an alkaline body do not survive

Cleanse contain many more natural effective ingredients that works particularly for any kind of infection

The good news is that higher number of people who have used this cleanse have gotten their wonderful results.

Anyone can get a better result for using Cleanse. Using Cleanse is very important for solving the issue of infection  

I and my friends did exactly what the Dr told us to do.

A lot of more persons did the same thing, and we all got amazing results.

We no more have infection

Here Are Few of the more Testimonies from those that Have Used it Already Below. They are proove that this Cleanse works

How Am I sure This Will Work for Me Too Because I have Used Many Things that Didn’t Work?

This is the same question I asked, but yet I still try it and it worked for me

I have been honest with everyone reading this. See!

We are not promising anybody that this method will 100% and totally cleanse the infection, because different people has different body system.

But from our experiences so far for over 18 months, everyone that has followed these 4 approaches, including using the Cleanse appropriately, has gotten their surprising testimonial results.

What it means is that anybody that followed these same 4 approaches has higher chance of gaining their freedom from infection.

As long as the person diligently follow these 4 approaches, get ready to also give testimonies as well


 Do the Cleanse Has Side Effect?


The Cleanse has no side effect because all the ingredients used to produce it are purely natural and organic.

No synthetic chemical. It is body friendly

The Cleanse is made in U S and endorsed by medical professionals

It is NAFDAC approved

It is listed in Physician Desk Reference


But What Makes Cleanse Work?

The company that produced this Cleanse went for several years of research to get that main component that will make sure that it works, and of course they found it and added to the Cleanse.

This Cleanse is Working to flush away Infection

Everyone need to get this Cleanse and use in order to get the solution


How Can I Get the Cleanse?

The Cleanse has already been imported from America to Nigeria.

But only few are imported because it’s only the ones available at the time of importing it

Before more will be brought to Nigeria again, it will be in the next 6 months

So it will be first come, first served bases

From now till the next 48 hours, only the fast ones will get it.

Those who are fast to request for it NOW, because before the next 48 hours, the ones imported will finish.

I want you to be among the people that will have this Cleanse, but you just have to request for it now.

It could finish by tomorrow or next

Don’t wait, just grab this opportunity now and request for it.

Infection is not good, it’s dangerous. This is the good opportunity to flush it. Don’t wait. Request for it NOW


Do I Pay Money for the Cleanse, and How Much Do I Pay?


There are need to pay some money to get the Cleanse

The reason is because the company that produced it spent a lot of money to get the natural ingredients they used for it, and as we know, natural and organic things are always natural and effective

Again, you have to pay some money to get it because it will cover the cost of production, shipping to Nigeria, including little more money spent for clearing and getting it across to you

These are the reasons to pay some money so that the cost of production, shipping, clearing, and adverts will be out.

Aside from these costs, no extra charge

We are not after making profit because we really want to help everyone having infection.

Please help us to share this to many people so they can also benefit from it too


So How Much Do I Pay?

I want to let you know this

When I was having my own infection, I used the 4 approaches, and I never failed using the Cleanse.

My friends also followed up with the 4 approaches, including using the Cleanse

Everyone I know followd up with the 4 approaches, including using the Cleanse, and we all got the result we wanted.

We made sure that we use the Cleanse because Dr Jason said we must have to use it if we really want to be free from infection

A nd we are all free from infection after using it

We always reccommend these 4 approaches to people because we are sure of them, and we have received testimonies from those that have used them

So please,

Make sure to follw through too

Each bottle of the Cleanse contain 120 Capsules.

Drink 4 capsules in the morning, 4 capsules in the evening

 Here is the Cost of the Cleanse

1 bottle of Cleanse is #26,000

2 bottles of Cleanse is #48,000

3 bottles of Cleanse is #68,000

4 bottles of Cleanse is #88,000

Anyone that has infection and truly want to get rid of them, need to get this Cleanse and use. In addition to the rest of the things mentioned.


because it has been working for people, and it continues to work for people

From our experiences so far, those that did these 4 things, especially those that also used the Cleanse, got the amazing solution to their infection.

Which means that anybody, including the person reading this now can also get wonderful solution to infection too

Make sure to get the Cleanse, before leaving here. 

You can get 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 bottles. I tell you, good and wonderful result must show

 There Are FREE Bonuses for You

 Free Shipping & Free Delivery

For those that will Request for it now, till the next 24 hours, we shall ship and deliver for them FREE.

Only what to do is to pay for the Cleanse alone


Free Consultation

We have decided that whoever that requested and get this Cleanse, has the right to call us anytime, any day except on weekends from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Ask us any questions concerning health and infection, we shall spend enough time with you on phone, providing counseling on what more to do to live more healthy and free life.

This is for those that have received the Cleanse and start using.

With all these, good news for good health are on the way


 Pay On Delivery

You only pay when we deliver the Cleanse to you, wether cash or transfer. Do not send any body money till we deliver to you

 But is There any Guarantee? What if it Didn’t Work for Me?

As we said before, we are simple honest with everyone here

We are not giving any body 100% assurance that this Cleanse is Magic worker, because there is no product yet in the market that is Magic.

This Cleanse is not Magic either

But from our experiences so far, everyone that have used this Cleanse both home and abroad has gotten their good result and now free from infection, it means that anybody that use it stands a higher chance of getting his own amazing results too

 Watch this Video Below again

So Do Not Wait Further

Get this Cleanse Now also, and join host of many people to live a free and healthy life

For 18 months Now, over 2,250 persons has used this Cleanse, and over 2,225 have seen great improvement to their health, and of course, they no more have infection again

Out of 2,250 people, 25 persons said they didn’t see complete result because they were too busy that they did not take it as we tell them

2,225 people have seen surprise good result because they did exactly how we tell them, they followed our instruction.

We know number of people because we follow them up

It means that anybody that get this Cleanse and follow our usage instruction stands on a better ground of getting good result too

So do not waste any more time, request for it now...

If all these mighty number of people could get amazing result they want, it means anyone can also get wonderful result too

But in case you are not satisfied with the result you get after using the Cleanse, send us the empty bottles back and also send us your account number, we shall refund whatever things you spent to get it.

Our number is at the end of this page.

Call us or Chat us on WhatsApp That’s how sincere we are. We are sure of what we are making available to everyone



It's only for those that are serious, and those that will be available to receive it from now till the next 48 working hours

Please select a valid form

My name is Mr Basil

I thank you for the move to request for this Cleanse

I assure you good and wonderful result

Result of freedom from infection

You can always reach me and talk to me personally on this number 09020124876

If you still have any question and enquiries, fell free to ask me. Thank You

Just Go On and Request for the Cleanse, Use it and tell the Testimonies

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